How Magical Integrates New Hires Remotely With Remotion

Kate Chen joined Magical in January 2021 because she loved the team. She had a job offer from Facebook on the table, but chose Magical because she felt confident that their strong culture would turn her isolating experiences of remote work on their head.

"When I started at Magical, my concerns about remote work were alleviated because of how great the team culture is here. That's in part because of how friendly the people are and also, how helpful Remotion has been in connecting with them."

Magical Team in the Remotion Dock
The Magical team in the Remotion dock on the edge of Kate's desktop

The team at Magical is building a chrome extension that expands shortcuts as you type (check it out and install to save yourself some time here). They're a remote and distributed team, experimenting with hybrid work models and coworking spaces. They've taken care to foster a casual social culture that encourages the team to get to know one another as people.

Kate joined the Magical team as a recent grad in the middle of the pandemic—an intimidating time to take on a new job, onboarding, and meeting coworkers. Remotion made it easier for her to smoothly integrate with the Magical team and feel connected to her teammates as humans, not just coworkers. Here's how.

Casual 1:1 conversations outside of scheduled meetings.

"It's a lot easier to have personal conversations in Remotion without feeling like you're intruding on a professional workspace," says Kate.

When she joined Magical, Kate immediately gravitated towards quick, casual 1:1 social chats in Remotion—the type of interactions you might have in the hallway between meetings at the office.

On previous remote teams, she struggled with the formality of needing to schedule meetings for every conversation. She finds using Remotion a lot more approachable and will often give teammates a quick video call when she's feeling lonely or just wondering how they're doing. It’s helped her build close relationships with her teammates remotely.

Remotion makes space for daily non-work conversations that foster a remote culture at Magical where everyone (even new hires!) feels comfortable connecting socially.

Collaboration and coworking that feel energizing.

As a Growth Engineer at Magical, Kate regularly interacts with most members of the 10-person team. Her role is a combination of product, engineering, and marketing. Remotion immediately helped her collaborate more seamlessly with her teammates and succeed in her cross-functional role.

Kate often pair programs with other engineers on her team in Remotion, sometimes spending the entire day in a call, screen sharing code. It's easy to naturally loop the relevant people into calls for a few minutes to chime in. Having the call in her dock or in a transparent floating window makes them feel more energizing than spending the entire day with a Zoom window open.

In other cases, she'll call her mentor Alex to ask a quick question and then they'll end up quietly coworking together for hours afterward. The lightweight Remotion calls give Kate a sense of "ambient presence" without any awkwardness or having to feel always on. It's nice to have company, even if they only pipe up to comment or chat every once in a while.

A dash of fun to make the team more approachable.

When Kate first joined the team, she hadn't met everyone yet. She says it helped that her first point of connection with new-to-her teammates was seeing their fun selfies in the Remotion dock on day one—before meeting them in a more formal, agenda-driven context.

Seeing her teammate's show off their personalities helped her feel at ease in showing up as her whole self for work, and made her feel more comfortable in having non-work conversations.

Want to join Kate and the Magical team in using Remotion to foster a more connected remote culture? Get free access to Remotion.