Release notes: June 25, 2020

We're excited to share some great new features – try them out and let us know what you think. If you have ideas for how Remotion can improve, send us a note at

Slack Integration

If your team spends a lot of time in Slack, add Remotion to Slack to move from text chat to quick conversations and to invite teammates to talk if they're away in Remotion.

Start Conversations with /remotion

Type /remotion to share a one-click link to start a conversation in Remotion. You can start meetings in a channel so the whole team can join and can add a topic to make the purpose clear: /remotion topic standup

Invite to talk via Slack

If your teammate is away in Remotion, just 'Invite to talk via Slack' and they can join you with one click.

Add to Slack

Log in with Google

If your team uses GSuite, save time logging in.

Remotion is now a Menubar app (no dock icon)

You can now access all Remotion features from the menubar. We've removed the icon from the dock and app switcher but you can turn them back on in Preferences

Other updates

  • You can now access team, preferences, and more from the menubar
  • You change the defaults so that conversations start with video or audio off
  • Your recent status updates are saved for quick reuse

Send us more feedback

More updates are in the works, and we’d love your feedback to help decide what’s next. Just send a note to