Research on office re-openings and hybrid work adoption

As companies prepare to move beyond COVID, we’re researching how teams are thinking about transitioning to in-person, hybrid, or remote work.

This is an evergreen blog post that we’ll gradually update with our findings and links to research. For now, it’s just a list of resources. To add, drop me a note on Twitter.

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Useful public reports

Initialized Capital: DATA Post-Pandemic Silicon Valley Isn’t A Place

    Post-pandemic, we expect to see the remote or decentralized share to nearly double to 36%.
    For companies with physical offices, two or three-day office work weeks will become the norm.

Lightspeed Venture Partners: When will business return to normal — and what will ‘normal’ look like?

    Employees will demand greater control.
    Flexibility will vary by job function.

Microsoft: The New Future of Work

    COVID-19 and the unintended consequences of the rapid, global shift toward remote work have contributed to imbalances in well-being and access to opportunity.

Savills North America Technology Practice Group: Q1 2021 COVID-19 Impacts Survey

    A majority of companies have allowed at least some employees to permanently relocate away from their previously designated office.
    A majority of companies expect to be back in the office by Q3 2021.

Gensler: US Workplace Survey 2020 Summer/Fall

    52% of U.S. Workers would prefer a hybrid model.

VOX EU: Working from home is revolutionising the UK labour market

    Post COVID, British employees want to retain WFH for about two days a week, but there is a huge variation in preferences. This is going to cause headaches for employers.