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Frequently Asked Questions

Remotion is in Beta and we're quickly adding new features and fixing bugs. Here are some quick answers to questions. You can always reach out to us at with questions, feedback, and more.

Product Features

Q: Is there a limit to how many teammates I can have?
A: There's no limit. If you're on a big team, add your most frequent collaborators to your shortlist for easy access.
Q: When are you adding Windows and Linux support?
A: We're working on adding more operating systems but don't have a release date yet.
Q: What's the pricing?
A: Our current offering is free and we will always offer a free plan. We plan on offering paid plans in the future that give extra functionality and add admin controls to big teams and companies.
Q: Can I be part of more than one team?
A: Yes – you can create new teams via the manage teams page. You can only be logged in with one email address at a time so make sure anyone inviting you to a team uses the same email address.
Q: Can I use this to communicate with friends and family?
A: Yes – Remotion is designed for remote work teams but we're excited to see all types of uses for it.
Q: How secure is Remotion?
A: All of your data is encrypted in transit via HTTPS TLS and on our servers under AES-256. The Remotion team never records or has access to unencrypted streams of your voice, video, or screen. Statuses and availability settings are ephemeral (not logged). Read more in our Security Policy Introduction.

Bugs and Issues

Q: The email login links aren't working for me – what's wrong?
A: First, make sure you haven't received multiple login emails. For your security, only the most recent link is valid. If you're using Office 365 the email server might be altering your links – try pasting the login link into this link decoder. If you're still having issues, please reach out to and we'll help you out.
Q: How do I remove a teammate?
A: You can remove teammates via the manage teams page
Q: My team accidentally created more than one team, can we merge them?
A: You can delete one of the teams via the manage teams page
Q: How do I enable Remotion to work with my VPN?
A: Remotion uses several APIs so you'll need to enable the following top level domains:
Q: How do I allow Remotion to work with my firewall?
A: Remotion uses a number of open ports to enable conversation. If those ports are not enabled, you might be able to use parts of our app but be unable to send or receive audio and video during calls. As long as one side of the call is behind a firewall, the call will not work and you may see a spinner or just 'camera off' and 'audio off' symbols.

You need to enable the following hosts and ports:


Ports: 1080; 4000 to 4030; 7000; 8000; 8913; 9700; 25000; 3000‍