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Know who’s available and talk live with video

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Our approach

Spontaneous conversation saves your team from endless messaging & scheduled meetings

Express yourself face-to-face and escape long threads and emails

Get time back and avoid long meetings with unengaged participants

Have more fun with impromptu catch-ups instead of “happy” hours

Remotion helps your team move faster and feel connected

Know who’s available to talk – at a glance

With your team on your desktop, you can always see who’s available, talking, focusing, or in meetings.

Lower the barrier to talking live

Start a call with a click. Quickly ask for feedback, unblock a teammate, or just say ‘hi’ over video.

Bridge the distance with personality

Feel connected to your teammates with selfies and status emoji on the side of your screen.

Work with privacy and peace of mind

Watch how Remotion works

Our cofounder Alexander takes you through a quick demo.

Watch how Remotion works

Our cofounder Alexander takes you through a quick demo.

What people are saying

Avital Ungar
Founder, Avital

“ Frictionless communication leads to more face time! We see less miscommunication, fewer scheduled meetings, and faster answers when we’re waiting on other teammates.”

Richard O’Brien
Head of Product, BugHerd

"Since COVID-19, we’ve onboarded 3 new people. I don't think their integration into the team would have been anywhere near as smooth without the easy, ad hoc conversation that Remotion enables."

Takuro Monji
VP of Product, Uzabase

“The ability to have verbal conversations in Remotion "like a tap on the shoulder in the office" allows for quicker and denser communication and increased team productivity.”

Tony Borash
EVP, V School

“With Remotion we are all together wherever we happen to be in the world. The ability to see who is online and available to chat saves several steps and time on my end… huge lift to productivity!”

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