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Security Policy Introduction

We care deeply about protecting our customers' privacy and security. In addition to the policies in our User Friendly Privacy Policy, here are some of the most relevant details on our security policies and practices.


Cloud services and storage

We use Google Cloud Platform, including Firebase, to manage user authentication, store user data, distribute our application, and run server-side functions for our applications. Google provides a highly secure network and computing environment. All data is encrypted in transit via HTTPS TLS 1.2 and stored on our servers under AES-256.

We aim to retain a minimum amount of customer data – for example, we only retain recent selfies, status, and availability.


Audio, Video, and Screen Share

Access to your call data is strictly limited and our third party vendors do not have access to your unencrypted streams.

We use Agora as our sole vendor for audio, video, and data transmission for video chat data streams including screen share. Agora uses AES-128-XTS encryption and we further encrypt all audio, video, and data streams such that Agora never has access to your unencrypted streams or any sensitive personally identifiable information.

Your call streams are not archived nor saved anywhere. Access to production data is limited to a few Remotion operations engineers, for whom access is essential. Access to sensitive data is protected by two-factor authentication and is audited.



We use the following analytics tools to better understand customer needs, troubleshoot, and inform our product roadmap:

  • Segment
  • Sentry
  • Amplitude
  • Google Analytics

None of these services receive access to the audio, video, or other streaming data.


Backup and Recovery

We maintain daily backups of server data and can recover in under an hour.


Reporting Issues

Companies are able to report issues directly to security@remotion.com and we will troubleshoot as soon as possible.

If you have any questions about our security policy, please reach out to feedback@remotion.com.